Noordoostpolder's been dry for 75 years 

 2017 is a festive year for the Noordoostpolder!

It was 9 September 1942, in the middle of the war, when the Noordoostpolder was finally drained. Some 48,000 ha of fertile land became available for use. The land was desperately needed to grow more food. Now 75 years later, the Noordoostpolder is full of life in all respects. The area has been laid out, built on, inhabited and made liveable. Thus, 2017 is the year of reviewing, looking ahead and mostly celebrating.  

Also in 2017, the art movement De Stijl celebrates its 100th anniversary. Throughout the Netherlands a range of activities is being organised. The Noordoostpolder is inextricably bound up with De Stijl. Viewed from above, the polder landscape resembles a painting by Mondriaan; in the 1950s the new village of Nagele was designed by architects from De Acht and Opbouw who were associated with De Stijl; and Paul de Kort was inspired by the artworks of Piet Mondriaan when making his 7th landscape artwork Pier + Horizon.